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"A nailbiting tale of bravery, justice, and friendship."

"I read this novel in one sitting. Yeah, it's that good!"

"A fast-moving whodunnit"

"Can't wait for the sequel!"

An innocent man doesn't run. 

He fights.


Jeff Kerr draws on his deep attachment to Texas and the great Western novel to produce the gripping crime thriller Blunt Force Trauma. Packed with authentic characters and stunning twists, Kerr’s masterfully crafted cowboy stew of action and suspense kicks off the Adam Cash series with a double-barreled bang.

Returning to small-town Pinyon, Texas after two combat tours in Afghanistan, Adam Cash sets his sights on a deputy sheriff job. But Sheriff Griff Turner, the high school bully who has despised Cash for years, is only too pleased to slam that door in his face.

Haunted by memories of war and faced with the reality that the one who got away – high school sweetheart, Edie – is now lost to him forever, Cash's personal pressure cooker boils hotter. Furious, he launches a longshot campaign for Sheriff to unseat Turner but loses in a landslide. And when Turner is found dead the very next day, all eyes—and all the evidence—point to Cash.

On the run and fighting to clear his name, Cash’s secret investigation reveals a darker truth threatening to destroy countless lives. Only Cash can catch the killer and save the innocents, even as he gasps for one last desperate shot at Edie and redemption.

A lawman murdered. A war veteran framed. A sinister plot uncovered. One last shot at redemption.

If  you like C. J. Box and Craig Johnson, you'll love Blunt Force Trauma, the first thrilling installment in the Adam Cash Series. Get the book and catch all the action right from the start!


Miranda Flores is a survivor.


But she faces an impossible task: finding refuge where none exists.

Her odyssey begins with her family’s murder in El Salvador. If she stays, she’s next. America beckons, but the land of her youth has changed, now deporting, locking up, or murdering people like her. When she narrowly survives a deadly nightclub raid, Miranda knows she must flee.


Her destination: Canada. Tracking her, a murderous government agent fired by vengeance. Ahead, betrayal is a constant threat. Where can she go when no place is safe?

Refuge, a heart-pounding thriller set in a not-so-distant future, hurtles like a runaway train toward a tense finale that will leave you breathless.

Republic of Jack

Jack Cowherd will say or do anything to win his race for Texas governor. Even if it means Texas being evicted from the United States? Well, even Jack his his limits.

What readers are saying about THE REPUBLIC OF JACK

"Ridiculously funny!"
"Biting political satire"
"I found myself laughing out loud"
"Like a Monty Python movie on Texas politics"

Does a righteous cause justify the means necessary to achieve it? Texas president Mirabeau Lamar believes so. Lamar's hated rival Sam Houston does not. Whose view will prevail?


 "A sturdy historical novel recounting the adventures and misadventures of the second president of Texas . . . fans of Texas history will learn a thing or two from Kerr’s ripsnortin’ yarn."


Lamar's Folly
Seat of Empire

"In his lively depiction of the founding of Austin as the capital of Texas, Kerr offers colorful accounts of the scenic setting, early settlers, and contentious times."

ALWYN BARR, author of Texans in Revolt: The Battle for San Antonio, 1835

"Kerr's description of the rapid building of Austin is engrossing."



I love this book."

WILL WYNN, Former mayor of Austin

"Once you start comparing old photos with scenes you recognize, it's hard to put down."

MIKE COX, Austin American Statesman

"It is a remarkable look at a remarkable city."

CAROLE KEETEON STRAYORN, Former Texas Comptroller

Then and Now
Republic of Ausin
Front Cover Final copy.jpg

"Jeff Kerr’s The Republic of Austin is a page-turner."



"Jeff Kerr’s choice stories entertain and enlighten in equal measures."

SCOTT ZESCH, author of The Captured: A True Story of Abduction by Indians on the Texas Frontier

Writer's Block

BEST TEXAS FILM - 2020 Lake Travis Film Festival

A struggling writer. 


A mysterious man with a wad of cash.


The opportunity of a lifetime: co-author a book with best-selling author Chester Everett McGraw.


All Skip Larson must do is sever ties to the outside world for six months and focus on his greatest passion: writing. It's an opportunity too good to pass up. But Skip should have known that nothing comes easy in life . . . or death.

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Moonlight Towers

"This excellent documentary does a lot to tell the full story of the moonlight towers."

MICHAEL BARNES, Austin American Statesman

"This is a fascinating and scholarly glimpse of a vestige of Austin that used to be. I'd always known about the moonlight towers, but now I really know about them."

STEPHEN HARRIGAN, author of Gates of the Alamo and Big Wonderful Thing: A History of Texas

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