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 About Jeff Kerr 

I write books and screenplays. I aim to entertain.

Among my favorite authors are Elmore Leonard, John LeCarre,

Michael Connelly, and Craig Johnson.

I am fortunate to have a patient, supportive wife.

Our two children are grown. I am quite proud of them.

My dog Maggie is very cute, which is a good thing,

given all the rugs she has destroyed.

Chocolate goes with everything except beer.

When our neighborhood HEB opened, I was the very first customer. I bought a gallon of milk. Yes, they made me pay.

I love the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, but had to read the book to understand the ending.

I will write until I die and might not quit even then.

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Photo by Steve Houston

Background photo by Rene Böhmer on Unsplash

Jeff Kerr wasn’t born in Texas but says “y’all” like a native. He wrote a poem in the third grade that earned him a school prize, a book about the American flag. You’d think that would have inspired him to become a writer but that came later.

Jeff wrote and published his first book twenty years ago. He hadn’t planned on doing so until one night at the supper table his son interrupted a discourse about local history by saying, “Enough, Dad! Write a book.” Choosing to interpret a teenager’s flip remark as sage advice, he did. Six books later, he calls himself an author. So there.

When Jeff isn’t writing you can find him floating a Texas river or battling cedar on his small slice of Hill Country land. When he is writing, he stays busy by creating pulse-pounding crime thrillers that, according to one reader, “move along like a runaway locomotive.” Thank you, son.

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