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"Five stars for Refuge!"

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Where can you go when no place is safe?

Miranda Flores is a survivor. But she faces an impossible task: finding refuge where none exists.

Her odyssey begins with her family’s murder in El Salvador. If she stays, she’s next. America beckons, but the land of her youth has changed, now deporting, locking up, or murdering people like her. When she narrowly survives a deadly nightclub raid, Miranda knows she must flee.

Her destination: Canada. Tracking her, a murderous government agent fired by vengeance. Ahead, betrayal is a constant threat. Where can she go when no place is safe?

Refuge, a heart-pounding thriller set in a not-so-distant future, hurtles like a runaway train toward a tense finale that will leave you breathless.

With a menacing crack, a shard of granite flew past Miranda’s head, jolting her out of her thoughts. In the distance a car engine sprang to life. Miranda risked a peek over the top of her rock. A pair of headlights flicked on and she dropped back into cover.


The engine noise rose from a distant hum to an ominous roar. Miranda contemplated diving back into the tunnel but feared exposing herself. Should she run? Continue crouching behind the boulder? Dart to a nearby cluster of bushes and hope she wouldn’t be seen?


Heavy tires crunched gravel no more than twenty feet away. That erased any thought of fleeing. Headlights cast a long eerie shadow past the boulder to create a threatening spectral shape. A car door opened, then another. Boots scuffled over packed dirt and gravel. A man shouted, “Come out from behind there!”

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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