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One of the pleasures of being an author is meeting others fired by the same passion for storytelling that drives me. Here are three that are worth checking out.


Kairn Savage

writes about ethical dilemmas, family dynamics, and the quirks of human nature, all within the context of an exciting mystery. A native of Canada, Kairn lives in Vancouver with her husband and two cats, Bella and Raoul. Learn more about Kairn here.


Patrick Weill

writes thrillers, and loves to lose himself in the pleasure of creating stories. His latest work is Bad Traffic, book 2 in The Park and Walker Action Thriller Series. Learn more about  Patrick here.


Helen Hanson

writes page-blistering thrillers about desperate people with a techno bent. Her latest book is Zero Trust, book 2 in the Fender Hacker Series. Learn more about Helen here.

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