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What readers are saying about THE REPUBLIC OF JACK
"Ridiculously funny!"
"Biting political satire"
"I found myself laughing out loud"
"Like a Monty Python movie on Texas politics"

The Republic of Jack

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Jack Cowherd will do anything to win the Texas governorship, even flirt with 21st century secessionists in the Texas Patriot Party. Victory is achieved, but only at the cost of Texas being tossed out of the United States.  The Republic of Texas lives again!  And Jack is president.

Friend and political advisor Tasha Longoria has long warned Jack of the dangers of his demagoguery.  Now when he tries to halt the madness, the worst comes to pass: he is impeached, arrested, and charged with treason, the penalty for which is death.

Jack has but one chance to save his beloved Texas, not to mention his life.  But success depends upon help from the one person least likely to give it . . . Tasha.


"Jeffrey Stuart Kerr’s ideal Texas politician—a man truly for these bitter times—bites off more than any enabler could ever chew in this romp of a new novel, THE REPUBLIC OF JACK! It’s time for readers to discover this writer’s range, intelligence, humor, and, ultimately, compassion. Or maybe you should just go and see his movie or read his catalogue of non-fiction titles!  In any case, it’s Jeff Kerr’s time."

David Marion Wilkinson

Author of NOT BETWEEN BROTHERS and ONE RANGER (with H. Joaquin Jackson)

"Jeff Kerr's THE REPUBLIC OF JACK is a ribald, raucous farce of Texas politics that often exposes the self-serving cynicism boiling beneath the surface of public debate."

R.G. Ratcliffe, a Texas political reporter who covered state government from the days of Yellow Dog Democrats to the Tea Party Republicans for some of the largest daily newspapers and the most influential magazine in the state.

My Story

One evening at supper as I was regaling my family with what I thought was a fascinating historical tidbit, my son threw up his hands and said, "Dad, enough. Write a book!" So I did. I liked the process and wrote another. And another. And another. Help, I'm writing and I can't stop!

My latest effort, The Republic of Jack, is a political satire inspired years ago by an elderly man who approached me after a book talk to say, "Texas has the constitutional right to secede." My own opinion is that this question was forever answered by the bloodiest war in American history, but then I began wondering, what if?

The Republic of Jack is a whimsical imagining of a world in which modern Texas secessionists get their way, only to learn that Aesop was right so many years when he wrote, "Be careful what you wish for."

As if inflicting five books upon the world wasn't enough, I have also co-written and co-produced two films, one a documentary, the other a psychological thriller (one of my favorite genres).

In what I call "real life" I have been a practicing pediatric neurologist for over thirty years. Did I mention I have a very patient and tolerant wife? Because I do.


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