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Jeff Kerr

Author and Screenwriter

Second Death is coming!


A false prophet.

A relentless deputy.

A deadly collision course that

threatens to end not only Cash’s career,

but his life.

May 8th, 2024

 Blunt Force Trauma

is here!

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"A nailbiting tale of bravery, justice, and friendship."

"I read this novel in one sitting. Yeah, it's that good!"

"A fast-moving whodunnit"

"Can't wait for the sequel!"

An innocent man doesn't run. 

He fights.


Jeff Kerr draws on his deep attachment to Texas and the great Western novel to produce the gripping crime thriller Blunt Force Trauma. Packed with authentic characters and stunning twists, Kerr’s masterfully crafted cowboy stew of action and suspense kicks off the Adam Cash series with a double-barreled bang.

Returning to small-town Pinyon, Texas after two combat tours in Afghanistan, Adam Cash sets his sights on a deputy sheriff job. But Sheriff Griff Turner, the high school bully who has despised Cash for years, is only too pleased to slam that door in his face.

Haunted by memories of war and faced with the reality that the one who got away – high school sweetheart, Edie – is now lost to him forever, Cash's personal pressure cooker boils hotter. Furious, he launches a longshot campaign for Sheriff to unseat Turner but loses in a landslide. And when Turner is found dead the very next day, all eyes—and all the evidence—point to Cash.

On the run and fighting to clear his name, Cash’s secret investigation reveals a darker truth threatening to destroy countless lives. Only Cash can catch the killer and save the innocents, even as he gasps for one last desperate shot at Edie and redemption.

A lawman murdered. A war veteran framed. A sinister plot uncovered. One last shot at redemption.

If  you like C. J. Box and Craig Johnson, you'll love Blunt Force Trauma, the first thrilling installment in the Adam Cash Series. Get the book and catch all the action right from the start!

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Background photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

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