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Review of the book of henry

The Book of Henry - Wikipedia The Book of Henry - Rotten Tomatoes The Book of Henry Reviews - Metacritic The Book of Henry - Rotten Tomatoes “The Book of Henry” is a throwback to the Amblin-produced suburban sagas from the ‘80s, where the adults are usually clueless, the families are broken and children are our greatest hope. It’s “E.T. the Extraterrestrial,” but with an. A tearjerker with no tears, a thriller with no thrills, and a family film which manipulates and undermines the value of true familial love, The Book of Henry is an atrocity. Full Review | Original... The Book of Henry PG-13 2017, Drama, 1h 40m 22% Tomatometer 147 Reviews 63% Audience Score 5,000+ Ratings What to know critics consensus The Book of Henry deserves a few points for ambition, but... The Book of Henry wants to be a movie about grief and healing, but it’s stuck in denial. It presents unbelievable characters making bad decisions at every turn. Henry believes you shouldn’t leave...

A nervy, wilfully preposterous study of motherhood and loss, The Book Of Henry recklessly shifts between tones and genres, never predictably but rarely satisfyingly. Naomi Watts gives a committed,... Parents need to know that The Book of Henry is a drama with very dark subject matter. A child gets sick and dies; he's shown in a hospital bed with tubes, having seizures, and dying in his mother's arms while family members cry over him. Plus, a boy makes an elaborate plan to commit murder, and his mother ( Naomi Watts) ultimately decides to carry. The movie changes its mind about what it is and what it wants to say every 10 to 15 minutes. Seemingly pertinent pieces of information are brought up and never revisited; Sarah Silverman’s Amy... The Book of Henry is a hair away from being in league with the most ludicrous Lifetime original movies, but its cast, slick production, and Trevorrow’s willingness to take risks make it an oddball... The Book of Henry is a wildly imaginative film with a lot of shifting parts, and an absolutely huge heart. A film this original deserves to be seen and felt. Read full review 50 Suspension of disbelief is an oh-so-tricky hurdle for a movie like this to overcome and The Book of Henry fails to achieve it. Read full review 50 The Book of Henry

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Review of the book of henry

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