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Thrills on the Road

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Because of reasons, my wife and I have driven to and from Pagosa Springs, Colorado several times over the past year. Now, if you live in Durango, an hour to the west, that might not seem like such a big deal. But we live deep in the heart of Texas, or 840 miles from Pagosa’s Riff Raff Brewing Company, which my wife swears serves “the best hamburger I’ve ever tasted.” The beer is pretty good too. Except for the El Duende green chili beer, which is an abomination (full disclosure, my friends Rich and Mark say it’s great).

If you’ve ever driven through west Texas, you know there isn’t a lot to see. This is big sky country, which is another way of saying there are no pesky scenic hills or mountains to block your view of the wind farms. If you survive west Texas, eastern New Mexico awaits. The Wikipedia entry for eastern New Mexico mentions its “flat, almost featureless terrain.” Wikipedia is correct. You’ll find yourself wishing for a wind farm.

It is best to drive as a team across this vast, empty landscape. That way, you’ll have someone to read you advice columns and crossword puzzles. Once that well runs dry, though, you need something else to keep you awake. Which is where David Wolf comes in.

David Wolf is a fictional detective in rural Colorado. He is the creation of author Jeff Carson, who nine years ago vowed to make his living as a writer during an extensive stay in Italy. I envy Mr. Carson, since the only vow I have made in several trips to the Bel Paese is to consume enormous amounts of pizza and gelato without exploding. Anyway, Jeff Carson kept his vow. To date, he has written and self-published sixteen successful – and may I add exciting – novels.

The David Wolf stories are available as audio books. They have provided excellent entertainment to me and my wife on those endless stretches of highway between Austin and Pagosa Springs. Each book is narrated by voice actor Sean Patrick Hopkins, who brings the characters to life with an array of voices that Mel Blanc would envy (kids, ask your grandparents who that is).

Sadly, we have now listened to all the audio books in the series. In December we’ll be driving back to Colorado. What will we do without another Jeff Carson novel to listen to? Well, there’s always Michael Connelly. Until David Wolf rides again, he will have to do.

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